4 Values that Foster Effective Marriage Communication

| 7 minute read | Is it just me, or does navigating communication in marriage sometimes feel like being dropped into a foreign country with zero knowledge of the language? Marriage is truly a collision of cultures, even if you and your spouse grew up in the same town. Our families of origin, our lifeContinue reading “4 Values that Foster Effective Marriage Communication”

How to Practice Gratitude (and Reclaim your Joy!)

| 8 minute read | Have you ever experienced a moment when your heart overflowed with gratitude? The other day, I glanced up from my laptop screen and my eyes landed on a photo of my son as a newborn. My heart swelled with a sense of awe that pushed away every tired and frustratedContinue reading “How to Practice Gratitude (and Reclaim your Joy!)”

I’m Learning To Let My Children Grow Into Who God Intended Them To Be

“I learned a long time ago that my children would inherit one of two things: either God’s promises, or my fears.” — Lisa Bevere I don’t consider myself a fearful person. I’m free-spirited, tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and don’t map out my future with much detail. Enter parenting. Suddenly two people existContinue reading “I’m Learning To Let My Children Grow Into Who God Intended Them To Be”