4 Ways to Cling to Your Identity in Christ as a Mom

| 7 minute read |

When I became a mom, it felt like a knife had sliced across my life, separating it—and me—into “before” and “after”.

The disconnect between the “old me” and the new one was jarring. How I spent my time, the things I cared about and prioritized, where I invested my emotional energy… all of it changed, leaving me dizzy in the process.

Don’t get me wrong—some of the change was beautiful. My heart’s capacity seemed to grow overnight, and I had a new sense of purpose and motivation. At the same time, though, I found myself grasping for pieces of my life that I wasn’t yet ready to part with.

Even seven years into parenting, I often feel like I’m losing touch with myself. To regain my footing, I have to fight to remember my identity in Christ—my spiritual adoption as a child of God, a reality that exists beneath every other layer of my identity.

Click here to read the full piece at Equipping Godly Women, which details four ways we can cling to our identity in Christ as moms: placing unhelpful labels to the side, focusing on purpose, remembering that you’re more than what you “do”, and seeing your motherhood journey as part of a grander narrative.

Published by Ellie Hunja

Ellie is a mother of two (ages 7 & 3) who's on a journey to cultivate a life of purpose, authenticity, and joy. She writes about parenting, autism awareness, mental health, faith, racial justice, and more. She believes that empathy and vulnerability can change the world, and that there is ALWAYS room for dessert.

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